Infusing Technology

We deploy industry-leading technology without losing the personal touch. From menu QR codes to being able to have guests pay at the table, the technology we choose improves our efficiencies in the back of the house in an effort enhance our customer-facing experiences in this unique, fast-paced environment.

Integrating Innovation

We remain fresh in our approach and innovative in the ways we look at running our business. In the unique and fast-paced airport environment in which we operate, we continuously look for innovative ways to improve our operations and guest experiences. We always strive to set ourselves apart from the competition and lead the way, mixing proven techniques and guest services practices and innovative new approaches to delivering excellence.

Supporting Sustainability

At CI, we believe being responsible business citizens means being responsible to the environment we share with the rest of the world, including our employees, partners and traveling passengers. Here are a few sustainability elements we focus on when opening or renovating a concept.

Enhancing Guest Experience
Dedicated to Making Ordinary Airport Service Extraordinary

We provide training to our team members intended to create a superior guest experience. This training is what has helped CI retain its employees. The training focuses on the unique elements common to business practices within the airport food and beverage industry. They receive new hire orientation and on-boarding along with position-specific training for their job function during the first two weeks of employment.

Differentiating Designs

Our in-house design team focuses on creating fresh, inviting new looks with great functionality. From aesthetics and traffic flow to environmental sustainability in mind, we consider every detail to ensure that not only the service and experience is exceptional, but that the space is especially welcoming.

Committing to Community