About Us

Whether it’s a business traveler looking for a sanctuary to work and fuel up, a couple on a long-deserved vacation that wants to be pampered, or a family with children, Concessions International strives to make each interaction exceptional at all of our locations.

Our success has been based on providing the right mix of quality food at reasonable prices, coupled with a proactive and inclusive facility management style that is committed to customer satisfaction. The work culture highlights a family of employees, managers, subtenants and partners that represent many cultures, backgrounds and skill levels that continuously enable CI to move competitively into the future.

It is this extensive industry experience that has prepared us to compete for new contracts, recover quickly from setbacks, continue strategic and steady growth. We strive to create a work environment where we are seen as the airport concessions industry’s employer of choice, maintaining a strong commitment to our values and exceptional service.

Additionally, and unique to us as a private Black family-owned business, CI is more committed than ever to creating meaningful, lasting partnerships with women and diverse, underrepresented businesses. We offer our partners the accessibility, service and innovation that is increasingly hard to find in the ever-consolidating field of specialty food service management.

We are a "not too big", yet "not too small" company dedicated to delivering excellent service with exceptional people and strong relationships. Through our consistent, outstanding performance, the use of information technology and our innovative designs, we are a well-respected concessions operator and a major player in the industry. We've earned a reputation as a company that's willing to do what it takes to continually improve our operations and move the needle in a positive direction.